Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So long ago I started writing this blog.

What happened I do not know, Life happens. I work in a local hospital and somedays get completely overwhelmed with tasks at hand. I get home, find my way upstairs cleaning the days work off my face, struggle into my PJs waayy too early on a summer day. But my neighbors are very laid back , and god sent for me. They dont mind seeing an older lady in her comfy clothes well before supper time. Time to talk with hubby, John for a bit..what is going on in his day and mine. The chit chat that keeps ya close and up to date.

Words to be written get lost among to words we have to say on a daily basis.

I'm really thinking about that little creative of a mouse that keeps running across my house everynight, I;m starting to thinking those crittr=ers are smarter them we are. They are laughing at us.

WEll,over this summer I am going to TRY to blog more often. About life here at the Terilli household. The fun, the pets, the kid visits, my hubbys restorations of his 1969 GTO, the true love of his live So I hope you check in now and again, maybe I write something funny, but something good in my lifr will happen and I'll share that too.

So welcome me and my poor spelling back to blog world.

I wil lbe writing soo!

JUst a reminder to stop by my etsy shop if you want too!

sweet dreams my friends and soon.