Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My new season

Getting ready for the 2013 season.
It's so fun booking shows.
So exciting to get accepted.
So here is my tentative show schedule.
March 24, The red tent event at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.
April 6: 1st annual supply sale, East Greenwich, RI
April 28: WG earth day festival, WGreenwich, RI
May 11 and 25 Providence Art, Lippett Park, Prov. RI
June 2: stART on the st. Worcester, Ma.(tentative)
June 8 +9 Festival Fete Garden City Festival , Cranston, RI
July 19, Kent Hospital Craft show
July 28 Tiverton four corners
August 31 and Sept 1 Festival Fete, East Greenwich, RI
and more to be posted!
I'm tired already!!!
Hope to see you there

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Posting some new "old" vintage finding.

The hunt continues!
I have a blast finding old vintage findings and supplies.
Here are just a peak of some of my new ones..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My show schedule 2012

Here is my 2012 Fall show schedule
There may be more for me to add soon.
So check back often!!

Sept 1 and 2:  Festival Fete East Greenwich arts festival
                       This is an awesome, lively show with the best artists around!

Sept 16:          STart on the street..Worcester, Ma

Sept 22:          Providence Open Market  A fun show and farmers market..this is the last one of
                       the season.

Sept 30:          Celebrate West Greenwich, at Plain Meeting house

October 6,7,& 8:  Scituate Arts Festival..You'll find me in the lot of Famous Pizza!!!

So keep an eye out for an update soon..I have a few I'm waiting for confirmation!!
I hope to see you soon!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The disappointment of a muggy, rainy Saturday.
Today I was looking forward to a show.
The Providence Open Market.
It's a good show, nice people. I did well last time I joined in.
But it stormed yesterday and the weather forcast is not promising, likely thunder storms, winds. It's 97% humidity.
So the judgement call. Do I risk ruining my displays, racing to the car in a downpour?  It MAY turnout just fine. Having a blast with my artist co-workers!
I get up at 5am..I listen to the weather reports, I pace , I walk outside. God, its muggy out.
Do I lose my my cash and forfeit???
One more time I listen the weather person God.
She says its likely it will be raining, storming by 10am..
So I decide..Don't risk it. Stay home.

So now..I am home, a bit disappointed..and praying now..Please rain and hard!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's the adventure!

It's a total blast looking for new supplies for my work and to resell online.
I live in Rhode Island.
It's the (was) the jewelry capital of the world years ago.
My father was in the "business" and when we were little , used to go with him to the factories. We watched the workers go through and work with all the findings, plating, and designing.
And then we saw the final product, which my dad would sell. He was the sales rep. I never understood how hard his job must have been. Dealing with big companies, trying to sell the company's jewelry.
I thought it was the best thing to visit him at the yearly "jewelry show". It was a huge event at the Biltmore hotel in downtown  Providence.
All the jewelry reps from all over the country would all have a room on a certain floor and then the buyers would come room to room, and the salesmen would do their thing.
Me, I thought it was cool visiting my dads "friends" and getting candy and and a piece of costume jewelry.
Now, so many years later, I started making my own jewelry. Seeking out findings and beads to work with became an adventure. I found a couple of amazing places in RI..they have findings and beads that are vintage, and findings that have been around  forever. You dig, and search , lift, bend, struggle.
It's the best part of my little business.
The search.
The find.
You take it home, spread it out , wash it..and discover your treasures!
Here are just a few of the finds I got yesterday! You'll be seeing them soon in my Etsy shop

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My new spacer bracelet collection

I needed some inspiration and it came to me
I decided to make these chunky yet still feminine bracelets.

I thought with a variety of stones and pearls the cute daisy spacer beads would find it's place to complete the bracelet. I'm happy with the results.

 Here you will see a variety including white freshwater pearls.
Ice blue crystals.
Peridot chips.

I hope you enjoy them!

I am in the process of making earrings to go with them too!