Saturday, March 28, 2009

Debs Designs : One of a kind Handmade jewelry

Here is example of my jewelry design.
I try maintain a mood of peacefulness in my photo.
Hopefully, it portrays something someone would like to have.

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Here is Jack, my golden .
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What a beautiful day in New England. The windows are open, the sun is out, and of course I still have my wood stove going.
Working on my photographs is quite a chore, but one I enjoy. I've always though I should do that for a living, and yet I don't. But I still spend a multitude of hours with my camera taking shots of everything. My flowers, my garden, my goofy dog, Jack. I love taking photos of small creatures. Butterflies, frogs, whatever crosses my path.
So now, I spend my time photographing my jewelry to put it on my website.

Friday, March 27, 2009

sun flowers
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The weekend is here!!

I worked all week and have 3 days off this weekend. I love that, I get to start early with my jewelry designs. May actually get something done and posted on my website.
I'm sitting at my computer tonight with my dog, Jack, at my feet...really on my feet. I still struggle with topics to write about, I will get the hang of blogging eventually.
I am getting ready for a couple of upcoming shows. I make alot of beaded lanyards, mainly because I use them everyday . In this new world, we all wear name badges and we all want to look good. Cloth lanyards with the company logo just doesn't do for me! I started making these for co-workers. Now we all wear them, looking good, brightening our patients day. They smile at the kitty...the duck, or comment on the pretty beads.
Hopefully the weekend will bring lots of rain, for Spring flowers and hours making the lanyards I love to create!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is my first post ever!
I spent alot of my time working on my website and learning about blogging.
I am a nurse and work at a local hospital in Rhode Island. I started making jewelry to help me relax and for a hobby. I couldn't stop, I loved it. I started to sell my designs, especially my beaded lanyards to my co-workers. My house was getting full, so I decided to start selling more, at local craft shows. It was fun and satisfying.
I'm hoping i'll be able to start blogging, and have some people follow me.
My website on etsy is
It's a great place to sell handmade things, and be proud of it.