Saturday, August 11, 2012


The disappointment of a muggy, rainy Saturday.
Today I was looking forward to a show.
The Providence Open Market.
It's a good show, nice people. I did well last time I joined in.
But it stormed yesterday and the weather forcast is not promising, likely thunder storms, winds. It's 97% humidity.
So the judgement call. Do I risk ruining my displays, racing to the car in a downpour?  It MAY turnout just fine. Having a blast with my artist co-workers!
I get up at 5am..I listen to the weather reports, I pace , I walk outside. God, its muggy out.
Do I lose my my cash and forfeit???
One more time I listen the weather person God.
She says its likely it will be raining, storming by 10am..
So I decide..Don't risk it. Stay home.

So now..I am home, a bit disappointed..and praying now..Please rain and hard!

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