Friday, April 3, 2009

Here is an item from Wikipeda about Briolettes you might find interesting.

Let me know if you find this interesting...

Briolettes are a shape and a style of faceting, that is: gemstone cutting (defined courtesy of the
International Gem Society). Briolettes are usually an oval or pear shape with its entire surface cut in angular facets for a beautiful sparkle. Briolette cuts are found in almost all gemstones. Click on the image left, courtesy of and the briolettes of Peridot, Iolite, and Onyx below, courtesy of to view larger images. Briolette refers to the faceted cut, not a color or size. Read about the famous diamond Briolette of India to view an extraordinary faceted stone! Like many reflective beads, a briolette may have enhancements added such as being fire polished or the addition of an Aurora Borealis finish (which should be clearly indicated). Shapes can vary from the traditional teardrop, as can the precision of the faceting. Be sure to note whether the beads are side drilled, top drilled or not drilled at all.

I am learning too, I've been working with beads for about a year now, and still wonder about all the details.

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