Friday, August 14, 2009

Upcoming show ideas

Today is sunny, perfect, no humidity. 80 degrees.
I am thinking about upcoming shows and how to get oganized ahead of time.
I need shelter
Looking into canopies with sides, weights for a windy day, heavier displays so they don't blow over.
I'm looking for display ideas. Here is a site I was looking at and maybe it can help you as well.
This article has many ideas for lighting, booth design, item arrangements, table selections.
How much is enough?
I've learned over time that clutter on your table makes for a cheaper looking product. Display your pieces, each one, likes its special (it is).
You will also need a space that is dedicated a workspace for sales. A small table for you money, sales books, bags and any other supplies you'll need. If there is a space available bring along your work so you can work on your craft.
Most of all, comfortable sitting! Hopefully we won't need for too long.
If anyone has more suggestions, just leave a comment for me!
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