Friday, March 26, 2010

Feature Friday!

I was thinking what I could post today. It's Friday..and I wanted to blog about someone special. I'm going to try to feature someone special every Friday and call it "Feature Friday".

Today I'm featuring a fairly new Etsy shop, but someone I've known, well forever.

My sister, Pam.

She just started selling on etsy and she featured me in her blog today, so who better to feature in my first Featured Friday?
Here is her Etsy shop link .

Pam and her good friend Annie make wonderful hand-stamped greeting cards, ceramic tiles and other paper crafts. You can also find her Fan page here:
Please show her some support, visit her shop, and let us know what you think!!


  1. Aww, thank you for sharing Pam and Annie with us! I am off to check them out. The pictures you posted show wonderful work!

  2. Already made her a favorite shop!!! I love your "Feature Friday" idea!! You have great taste!!

    Good Luck Pam, I hope you sell out quickly!! You have a wonderful shop!!!

  3. Thanks so much, Deb!!And Tracie, too! I have been enjoying this so much - not just the stamping - but getting to such cool people. Thanks, waterwaif - your shop is a favorite of mine!
    One correction - my blog is
    Thanks, again, Deb! This is awesome!

  4. Sorry, How did I do that with the blog link???

  5. Aw, love it! Feature Friday is a great idea - I've been feeling I need a little more organization to my blog posts, but I just can't seem to stick w/ it! :)

    And Pam & Annie's cards are beautiful! Just checked out the shop & they really do lovely work. I left a heart at Etsy, plus I'm now following the blog. Heading over to my Facebook in a bit & will be sure to fan too. Thanks for pointing us their way!

  6. Thanks Kim , that's is soo nice of you!