Friday, April 23, 2010

Featuring my Nursing colleagues on Feature Friday!

I've had a super busy week. Lots of changes at my job, lots of loses of friends and colleagues.

So, I thought I'd feature them. Usually, I feature an artist and their work. But this Friday I wanted to write about something personal.

I'm a nurse at a small local community hospital. Many of the things I always loved about working there and why I worked there for so long is the same as many employees .

There was a sense of family, a sense that everyone really cared about one another.
You walk down a corridor and there is a constant, "Hi" how ya doing additude. Over these troubled economic times, there have been changes in administration, a focus on "business" and "budget". New presidents, vice presidents, management, and a union.

Last Tuesday morning they called every LPN (licenced practical nurse) into a mandatory meeting, and told them there job was eliminated. There were 46 of them. My friends , that I worked side by side with for over 25 years. Friends , that our children grew up together.

There is such a sense of sadness this week . They had to go empty their lockers and go, right then and there.

I want to dedicate this feature friday to them. I want to tell them thank you for always being such great friends, and always putting the patients first. Thanks for making my job fun, and full of laughter. They showed compassion everyday, and made the hospital what it was.
It's never going to be the same.
My wish for them, is that they find a new adventure, a place that will appreciate them for all they are. A wish that they stay strong , and optimistic.

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  1. I'm way behind on reading and just got to this. Good for you to do this. Nice job!!