Monday, November 1, 2010

Chill is in the air

I haven't written in my Blog for quite some time. October is gone, and it's November first today. The air is getting that chill in the air. My wood stove is going, and it's too toasty in the house. I love it that way!
I've been working on updating my stock. I have a few shows coming up. I repurposed some old pieces, and it's fun to see what comes out of them.
I've made some new eyeglass holders this week. Here is just a sample of them. They are listed in my Etsy shop.
Come by and take a look at all my new designs.
I love the color of this periwinkle eyeglass holder. It's vibrant with the black. There's a new beaded lanyard pictured here too. The purple and yellow always look great together. You'll love wearing your name badge to work, wearing this beauty.
I'm looking forward to the Holiday season. I barely can keep up and it's not here yet! I hope you get some early shopping done, and I hope you'll visit Debs Designs for some of your shopping this season!!

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