Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Sunday!

Good morning. It's Sunday and most are thinking what they are going to do today. Me, I know. I'm heading off to work. My job is nursing, a job that always will include Weekends and Holidays. I'm used to it, almost like it. It's a quieter atmosphere on the weekends. Although it can be quite busy, the tone is different.

I wish I could stay home some days. Now today,it's raining out. It's quiet and just getting light out. Everything looks so green after no rain for so long. Now today, would be the perfect day to stay home and be creative! So many thoughts and ideas flow through this foggy head of mine this Sunday morning.

I have a few good show/ festivals coming up. My mind races trying to make enough for the show. Not that I've ever run out of jewelry!

I'll be at

Sept. 6,2011

Festival Fete, East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Hoping on Sept 17 and 18 to be at the Pawtucket Arts festivals!

Oct. 8,9,10 at the one and only Scituate Arts festival!!

Nov 20 at the Holliston Newcomer show

Nov 6..a grand Kissed by an angel event in the memory of Desiree Mesolello..a wonderful event!

and more to be posted soon.

So it the meantime, I get up, mozzy out in the rain and get my butt to work!! :)

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