Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting my motivation

Needing some motivation .
Since last holiday season, I've been tired..really tired.
Now it's time to sit down and organize this years shows. First you scan online ads for local shows, you get online invitations and listen and read to your artists friends to see and hear what shows they are doing and which ones were the most successful.
I love doing shows. The customers are great, giving me the reason why I work so hard all year long. They give confidence and praise. I can't tell you how it feels for someone to fall in love with a piece I worked long and hard on to make just perfect.
The artists.
It just amazes me the talented people out there.
They welcome new artists with open arms, they give reassurance when its a tough day.
I am limited a bit.
I work every third weekend at the hospital. That always rules out a number of shows for me.
Then, I'm usually alone..Set up and selling alone at a big show can be a challenge.
I'm sure you know some of the main ones already.
1. Setting up..I'm small, and not strong. Getting my entire setup from my truck to my spot can be a comedy show. Please don't watch me put up my tent! Please don't let it be a windy day! I do have a great cart now, which helps alot.
2. Eating..I dont like eating at my booth, but I do..I bring lots of healthy snacks that I munch on all day long!
3. and the all important Bathroom breaks!! No need to explain there! My solution..hopefully a neighbor will be kind enough and not too busy to watch your booth for a mintue or two..
4. And of course breaking down. The worse part of any show. We all leave at the same time, we all are anxious to get home .
Have you ever noticed how everything fit so well in the truck on your way to the show and somehow, it just doesnt fit when you pack it up to go home?
So you can see
Now is the time to get those applications flowing..
Getting some motivation..I can feel it's coming!
Now to get to work!


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