Thursday, March 26, 2009

The weekend is here!!

I worked all week and have 3 days off this weekend. I love that, I get to start early with my jewelry designs. May actually get something done and posted on my website.
I'm sitting at my computer tonight with my dog, Jack, at my feet...really on my feet. I still struggle with topics to write about, I will get the hang of blogging eventually.
I am getting ready for a couple of upcoming shows. I make alot of beaded lanyards, mainly because I use them everyday . In this new world, we all wear name badges and we all want to look good. Cloth lanyards with the company logo just doesn't do for me! I started making these for co-workers. Now we all wear them, looking good, brightening our patients day. They smile at the kitty...the duck, or comment on the pretty beads.
Hopefully the weekend will bring lots of rain, for Spring flowers and hours making the lanyards I love to create!!

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